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"Rational Scientific Theories from Theism"


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An 8-week guided reading course

Starting Science From God

Ian J. Thompson



Introduction and Overview


Welcome and introductions.


These 8 weeks are to explore a new way of looking at the connections between science and religion. The sessions are based on my book Starting Science From God, a chapter or two at a time. The book describes many ideas and some new ones, and (regrettably) it is not a holiday read.  We will find that frequent informal discussion of backgrounds and of applications will make it easier to follow. I therefore ask you to raise questions sooner rather than later, if anything is puzzling.


My aim is to make stronger connections between science and theism, and hence with religion. Many people want, rather, a separation because that makes life easier. But I (as a physicist) want to see the detailed logical and causal connections, and to describe them accurately not as mere analogies or extrapolations. I will be treating theism as if it were a scientific theory. The first chapter, this week, discusses how we might get started.



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