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"Rational Scientific Theories from Theism"


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The Author: Ian J Thompson Ph.D.

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Ian J. Thompson is currently employed as a Nuclear Physicist in the Nuclear Theory and Modeling Group at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA, having until 2006 been Professor of Physics at the University of Surrey, UK.

His professional  research deals with coupled-channels and few-body models for nuclear structure and reactions, especially concerning halo nuclei. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics in the U.K. He has published over 201 articles in refereed journals, supervised 9 Ph.D. research students, written a nuclear physics textbook Nuclear Reactions for Astrophysics, and has contributed the chapter on Coulomb Functions to the new NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions.

His research in philosophy, psychology and theology is of equal duration in years, and has produced 6 referred papers, 2 book chapters, and one book previous to "Starting Science From God"

Disclaimer: This book is not supported or authorized by any of the organizations or institutions at which he is employed and/or with which he is affiliated, and does not represent any position or policy of those institutions.

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