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5B. Preparation

Summary points for Week 6 preparation: Chapters 19 and 20


Please also read (as preparation for later weeks):

Chapter 19: to find the sub-parts of the spiritual, mental and physical realms,

Chapter 20: a review of the kind of universe now to be expected.


God is Equally Present in All Subparts (Chapter 19)

      God is the same everywhere, 
at all scales in space and at all 
degrees and stages of generation. 

      Same pattern of love/wisdom/effects 
can be applied at each of the these 
3 created generative levels

      This produces sub-levels.

      Three levels give nine sub-levels (an ennead)


Enneads in general form:

Sub-levels: Table 19.2

Sub-sub-sub-levels in the Physical: Table 19.4

(these will be explained in more recognizable detail later)


Dynamic Existence

Everything has substance and form
(physical, mental, spiritual, even God): [Section 20.1]

      ‘No process without structure, 
no structure without substance, 
no substance without power, 
no power without process’

Time is ‘normal’, not strange just for spirituality:  [Section 16.3]

      Past is definite

      Future is not yet existing (only as form, maybe)

      Present is the conscious point of becoming

       Maybe God can know forms for future things, 
but not their substance. Future substances do not exist.



      Detailed events in both of each pair of degrees.

      Successive generative influxes (from prior degree) reciprocating with sequential selections

      This alternation will repeat itself longest if the patterns of the constituent events are most similar in the two degrees, as then they do not get out of step.

      This gives rise to correspondences of function between adjacent degrees.

o   by a sort of survival of the fittest

      This is a causal explanation of correspondences.

o   They are often used in the bible to represent the spiritual by the physical.


Personal Identity

      Love is the substance of a person

      Cannot change a person 
without changing their loves.

      Cannot changes loves, and keep the same person, without some acceptance by old loves

      The deepest love can be unchanging

      This may be used to permanently identify persons


Law and Divine Intervention

      Physical laws describe behavior of physical degrees, if no influx from spiritual or mental

o   If only physical laws, matter is ‘causally closed’

      But not here: Need influx into matter!

o   to sustain physical processes

o   to select and contain mental & spiritual processes

o   This not ‘intervention’ but intended causal influx!

      Note how sustained mental and spiritual processes depend on physical selections.

The physical is the needed ‘bottom line’ for creation.


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