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23.3 Sub-degrees of the spiritual

Table 23.1: The 3 sub-parts of the spiritual degree are shown in the first column. This is a expanded version of Table 22.2.
1: Spiritual degree
love in the spirit
2: Mental degree thoughts in mind
3: Physical degree actions in the body
love of good: 1.1
thoughts of loves: 2.1
love of truth: 1.2
thoughts of thoughts: 2.2
love of action: 1.3
thoughts of actions: 2.3

Let us return to the spiritual degree according to theistic science. As with the mental degree discussed in the previous chapter, the spiritual degree has its own sub-degrees. These are distinguished according to what the spiritual love is a love about. What is it that occupies the life and dreams of persons whose mentality is focused on each of these levels? The different sub-degrees correspond to the different answers. Is it a love of action, a love of wisdom, or a love of loving? These can be framed equivalently as a love of being useful, a love of truth, or a love of good.

According to the scheme of sub-degrees, the spiritual is divided into three sub-degrees. One, 1.3, is concerned with spiritual actions, another, 1.2, with spiritual thoughts in the understanding, and the last, 1.1, with spiritual loves in the will, all as shown in Table 23.1. This agrees with the reasons and presentations of Swedenborg (1976, ch.), who describes three heavenly states where the highest (1.1) is the ‘celestial heaven’, the middle (1.2) is the ‘spiritual heaven’, and the lowest (1.3) the ‘spiritual-natural heaven’.

Note that these three correspond exactly to the three sub-sub-degrees of the higher-rational described in Section 22.3. That, according to theistic science, is deliberate. There is a systematic correspondence of functions between the three spiritual sub-degrees and between the three sub-sub-degrees in the rational mind that is designed to have particular inputs from those spiritual levels.

Previous: 23.2 Common misconceptions Up: 23. Spiritual Discrete Degrees Next: 23.4 Spirituality in life

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