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"Rational Scientific Theories from Theism"


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  1. I.J. Thompson, Philosophy of Nature and Quantum Reality, Pleasanton CA: Eagle Pearl Press, 2010.
    This book, written in 1993, develops a first-principles ontology for processes with only one generative level, and hence very simple compared with the multilevel structures here. It does, however, include a detailed description of the relations between potentiality and actuality, extensiveness and space, and how ‘being’ remains constant during changes.


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  4. I.J. Thompson, The Consistency Of Physical Law With Divine Immanence, Science & Christian Belief 5 (1993) 19-36.
  5. I.J. Thompson, Are Quantum Physics and Spirituality related?, New Philosophy, 107 (2002)  333-355.
  6. I.J. Thompson, Discrete Degrees Within and Between Nature and Mind, pp. 99-123 (2009) in Antonietti et al. (eds.) Psycho-Physical Dualism Today: An Interdisciplinary Approach, Lanham MD: Lexington Books, 2009.
  7. I.J. Thompson, Derivative Dispositions and Multiple Generative Levels, in M. Suαrez (ed.), Probabilities, Causes, and Propensities in Physics, Synthese Library, Springer, 2011.

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