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3.1 Conflict or integration?

The previous chapter described a decline in theism within intellectual and scientific circles. It became more and more discredited to use theism in a realistic manner to describe how God exists in relation to the world, especially to the details of the world as found by the sciences. This decline is a consequence of the many objections put forward by scientists and philosophers since the time of Kant and of the related dissatisfactions with the kind of explanations put forward within theism. In light of this diminished acceptance and these dissatisfactions, it may seem doubtful that a way could be taken to an integrated understanding of the world together with God. Is it possible to find a view which includes both science and theology in a fully-fledged manner without doing violence to either? The theology to be advocated should describe a living God, rather than a merely metaphysical Absolute.

In this chapter I will describe a way forward to such an integration. It will be better explained in later chapters, as then the various suggested changes and methods to be advocated will be justified in terms of the theoretical structure. The purpose now is confined to outlining a series of small changes, both to science and to theology, which need to be made to understand the arguments to be presented. The small changes are modifications which, I claim, will not in the end affect the essences of science and theology but will, in fact, improve them.

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